Why I Decided to Come Out with Our Story


In a little over a week, my family’s very personal and very true story will be aired on worldwide network television.

To say that I am nervous would be an understatement.

My main reason for going public with our story is to let other people know (specifically people who have been through or experienced spiritual warfare) that I have been in the trenches, too.

The problem with coming out with such a personal story, especially one that is paranormal in nature….is not the media, not the trolls and not the people who will think our story is ridiculous.  The problem is the people who KNOW that spiritual warfare is REAL, but who refuse to talk about it or acknowledge it.

We live in the Deep South….some call it the Bible Belt.  I’m a Christian, and was raised Southern Baptist….I have lived here all my life, and I know there are good folks down here who would drop everything and rush to your side if you needed help.  I also know there are a ton of “Christians” who would rather warm a pew on Sunday Morning and judge their fellow-man, than to reach out a hand and help someone going through a spiritual battle……OR watch a show that might have something to do with “ghosts” and the things we can’t explain.  I knew we would be judged harshly by the pew-warmer Christians if we decided to go through with telling our story publicly….and that’s ok.  Let them judge if they want to.  They do it daily.

I am not a paranormal researcher, or Ghost Hunter…..but I am willing to lend an ear to those who need someone to talk to about anything they may have experienced.  I am now in a unique position to do so…..because I’ve lived through a paranormal experience myself.  People don’t like to talk about ghosts or demons down here in the South, and you unfairly risk being labeled as “crazy” if you do….but I’m telling you: the world we can’t see is much bigger than the world we can see.  These things happen. And it isn’t always because someone played with a Ouija Board, either.  Spiritual battles are being fought all around us, all the time.  Be brave….don’t be afraid to tell your story.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest before the episode airs.  If you want to watch, it will be the premiere episode of Paranormal Witness on the Syfy Channel, on August 3 at 10/9 CST.

And yes, I have co-authored a book with my friend, Kim Johnston entitled, “Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting” – Part One will be released the same day as our episode of Paranormal Witness. Part Two will be released soon after.   Our reasoning for coming out with the book is to give a more detailed account of the entire story….from beginning to end…..in case people want to know the details.  It will be available on August 3rd on Amazon for those who’d like to read it.

I keep a pretty low profile most of the time, but my website is http://www.haintbluehaunting.com and my email is jenny@haintbluehaunting.com if you would like to contact me with questions, or if you just need someone to listen.

Thank you to all the folks who have supported us through this journey, and who continue to support us.

Jenny Scott