Original Blog Post – Rockford Haunting 2012


So many people have been asking about the original blog posts from the time I lived in the Rockford house, so I pulled a few of them from the archive to share.  At the time, I was a mommy blogger for my friends at Valley Parent Magazine.  I didn’t post much about what was going on in the house, because I didn’t want people to think I was nuts!  I did post a few, and the ones I did post bordered on the lines of trying to be funny about it….when I didn’t think what was going on was funny at all.  The only thing I’ve omitted from the post (and it is noted) is a description of the house.  I don’t want thrill-seekers or amateur ghost hunters bothering the current tenants or the owners. I will post some of the other blog entries in the next few weeks.

Here it is……

Who Ya Gonna Call…..?

Posted on February 11, 2012

We either need to call Billy the Exterminator or Ghost Hunters because there is something in our house.  So far, that something has not been discovered yet.  I haven’t gotten too worried about it….but it makes for an interesting story, so I thought I’d share.

The sound of footsteps coming from upstairs with no one but myself and a napping baby in residence is not the result of viewing too many horror flicks.

Here’s what happened…..

On a beautiful and sunny mid-week day while the baby was taking her nap, I decided to curl up by the fire and do some knitting.  I didn’t have a t.v. or radio on…..it was wonderfully quiet. I was knitting the same project I’ve been steadily working on for 3 months…my Tunesian Crochet “redundant blanket” – I call it that because by the time I finish the damned thing in August, it won’t be needed or wanted.  It gives me something quiet to do while the baby sleeps, because I’m not a sit still and do nothing kind of person.

Anyway, I’m calmly knitting away when I hear distinct footsteps upstairs right above where I’m sitting in the living room.  Now, directly upstairs from the living room is my stepdaughter’s room and since I know that she isn’t home, and the only other person that’s in the house is a sleeping baby……I’m a bit alarmed.  My first idea is to run to the closet and grab the .45 and blast the anonymous intruder to kingdom come…but I don’t have any bullets. Then, I realize that I would have heard someone shimmy up *detail omitted*  and open *detail omitted* . Using this mode of deductive reasoning, I only halfway expected someone to be up there. In my haste, I grabbed the closest available object…. which happened to be the knitting needle in my hand.  I crept up the stairs…..and made my way down the hall to check on my baby daughter first…..she’s sound asleep with no intruder in sight.  Then, I take a deep breath….throw open the door to my stepdaughter’s room and begin slashing at the air with my knitting needle. 

Nothing is there.

The stomping stopped.

I’m certain that whatever it was, it was absolutely terrified of a crazy white woman with a knitting needle. 

I check each room upstairs to make sure there aren’t any burglars lurking around in toilets or closets….and I go back downstairs and continue my knitting.  I figured it must be the house settling, or maybe a raccoon in the attic.  It’s easy to be a skeptic when you’re in denial.

I totally forgot about the incident eventually….and a couple of nights later (after the baby had gone to sleep) I decided to lay in bed and do some online reading.  I was totally engrossed in my favorite blog, “People I Want to Punch In the Throat” when I heard what can only be described as “scurrying” outside …* this part omitted – detailed description of the outside of the house – Omitted to protect the privacy of the owners and people who currently live in the house*

The scurrying type sound continued, so I eased out of bed slowly because: 1. I didn’t really want to see what could be making that scurrying sound and 2. I have a sore wrist and a possible broken tail bone from falling down the stairs a couple of weekends ago, and I can’t move very fast.

I peeked outside and saw absolutely nothing.

The scurrying stopped.

This same scurrying and stomping has happened three times so far, and every time I check to see what it could possibly be….it stops. 

We do live in an older house….and I know old houses creak and settle, but this is not a creak and settle type noise….so we either need to investigate the attic (not me!) to see what might be living up there….or we need to call a priest.  I blessed the house with olive oil and prayer when we first moved in (standard moving-into-a- new-house procedure) and we have a good preacher friend and his wife coming for dinner soon to bless the house in a more professional kind of way….but until then, I’m a tiny bit concerned that “Casper” or whatever creature it is will take a liking to doing whatever it takes to make me notice it.  I’m not scared of it….I’m just pissed off that the thing makes me have to get up and walk around with a knitting needle while bitching about my broken tail bone.

Until we figure out what it is….just know that I have a .45 and a knitting needle….and I have Jesus….so don’t try and sneak up on me…. or one of the three weapons in my arsenal could kill you, knit you to death or save your soul. 

You’ve been warned.






I have a new favorite necklace.  Well, it’s “new” to me.  I inherited it from my mother’s best friend’s mother when she passed away this past year.  I don’t know the history of the piece of jewelry, and I don’t know how often it was worn.  I don’t know if it was given as a gift, or if it was inherited from someone’s mother or grandmother.  I only know that it is currently mine.

It is a small hourglass, with real sand, encased in a 14 karat gold setting.  I don’t normally wear yellow gold, so when the piece was given to me, I wondered if I’d ever actually wear it.  I have a three-year old who loves to pull on my necklaces, so I haven’t worn “nice” jewelry in a few years.

But this one necklace seemed to call to me.

One day, I opened my jewelry box, took it out…and held it in my hand.  I tipped it over and over, watching the tiny sand filter slowly through the hourglass.  It was so unusual and unique.  So delicate and feminine.

We don’t often see the hourglass anymore these days.  Everyone has a more modern way of marking time: whether it be a digital clock on the computer, a cell phone, or an Apple Watch.  We rush here and there, always in a hurry and never thinking about the passing of each hour, minute or second.  We make plans for the next day, never wondering if we will actually be alive to see the sun rise in the morning.  It’s just assumed we will be.

I think the reason I am so drawn to this tiny hourglass necklace is because it reminds me that time is short.  We can’t stop it….or rewind it….or fast forward through it.  We only have the Now.  We have this exact second.  That’s it.  That’s all. By the time you finish reading this blog post, you will be in a different place in time than when you started.

It can blow your mind, if you really think about it.

Time is a funny thing.  It can be our best friend, and our worst enemy.

Every single second, someone dies and someone is born.  Children grow up, and adults grow old.  No one gets younger, and no one gets to go forward or backwards.  We are all stuck on the linear roller coaster of time.  No one gets off.  No one controls it. We’re all strapped in for the ride.

I know this is not new and groundbreaking information, but sometimes we need to stop what we’re doing and really think about time.  How much time do we have? No one really knows. Only God knows.

What will I do tomorrow?  I will take my children to school, clean my home, eat breakfast, drink coffee, play with my three-year-old and feed my dog.  I will pick my children up from school, make dinner for my family, tuck my children into bed, do some writing and go to sleep.  I will breathe. I will listen. I will watch. I will wait.

Or will I?

Tomorrow is never a promise.

When I put my hourglass necklace on, the sand always flows to the bottom of the glass….indicating that I am out of time.

Every time I look down at it, it gently reminds me that I need to be more aware of time.  I need to be more aware of my time being over.

I want to enjoy each moment….each grain of sand in my own personal hourglass.  I want to be less stressed, and focus on the blessings.

Even though the previous owner of the necklace has passed on, out of this time….I want to thank her, and her sweet daughter.  Thank you, Ms. Dot and Ms. Patt, for this precious gift.  I will treasure it, and take care of it.  Thank you for reminding me that each grain of sand is falling slowly, and I need to enjoy each and every moment.

I hope everyone will think about their own personal hourglass, and remember that we are not promised tomorrow.

Most of us think ourselves as standing wearily and helplessly at the center of a circle bristling with tasks, burdens, problems, annoyance, and responsibilities which are rushing in upon us. At every moment we have a dozen different things to do, a dozen problems to solve, a dozen strains to endure. We see ourselves as overdriven, overburdened, overtired. This is a common mental picture and it is totally false. No one of us, however crowded his life, has such an existence. What is the true picture of your life? Imagine that there is an hour glass on your desk. Connecting the bowl at the top with the bowl at the bottom is a tube so thin that only one grain of sand can pass through it at a time. That is the true picture of your life, even on a super busy day, The crowded hours come to you always one moment at a time. That is the only way they can come. The day may bring many tasks, many problems, strains, but invariably they come in single file. You want to gain emotional poise? Remember the hourglass, the grains of sand dropping one by one.

James Gordon Gilkey




I had to make a few small changes to the Foreword of our book today.   The beautiful thing about self-publishing is if you see an error, or want to change your wording…it’s easy to do.  Since the book is in a digital-only format right now, I am so happy I’m able to make necessary changes!

Kim and I decided not to combine the two books into one larger book.  We felt it might be too confusing, and too many ISBN numbers to deal with…so once we are able to get the book to the publisher, we will have print copies available for order very soon!

Since we are publishing a Part One and a Part Two of Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting, I felt that some things needed to be changed to avoid confusing our dear readers.  Part One of the book deals almost entirely with what happened in the house, and most of the research and historical information about the area of Rockford/Nixburg will be contained in the second book.  All references to the historical details are being changed in the Foreword, and I wanted to publish the new Foreword here so that I could remember the date I made the changes:)

Thanks y’all!!


New Foreword – Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting (Part One)




I never intended on telling the world about the darkest part of my life. I consider myself a writer who isn’t afraid to bare her soul, but I’ve always felt that certain things must be kept secret, especially in the Deep South. Here, we have many ghost stories and tales of folklore, but that’s all they are—tales. If something paranormal happens to you personally, you face ridicule and being labeled as “crazy” if you dare tell. I’d intended on keeping what happened to me and my family a secret for the most part, but I came to realize something very important—if I keep the secret to myself, then other people might be at risk for something evil happening to them. If I tell our story, then maybe others can learn from what we encountered and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. There will be skeptics and nay-sayers, and I take the risk of being labeled as off my rocker, but I’m willing to take that risk if it will help or empower another person to overcome their situation.

One thing I hope all people can take away from this book is that evil does exist. There IS a world beyond our vision, and as we learn in the Bible and in Quantum Physics, that unseen world is more vast and more REAL than the physical world in which we currently live.

When Kim approached me about having her team come to investigate the house, the one thing I told her explicitly is that I did not want to be present when they conducted their research. I wanted to be rid of the house and get as far away from it as I possibly could. I didn’t have any desire to communicate with something that could be demonic, and I didn’t want to be present when others attempted to do so. However, I was intrigued by their findings, but to this day I am not absolutely convinced that the entity they spoke to was telling the truth. As you will read in this book, the entity or entities claimed they were brothers, and gave their names.

Years later, when I began to research the Rockford area, Kim and I found two brothers whose names matched closely to a story that first made national news in 1977. As we dug deeper and uncovered more details, we were both shocked and left with more questions than answers.

I don’t know if what we experienced in Rockford was related to the two brothers in any way. I tend to believe the souls of the dead are not left to wander the earth—either they go to Heaven or to Hell. But I’m also familiar with the physics law of conservation of energy which states energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

I believe absolutely that people can open up doorways into shadowy places we are not meant to find. In our particular case, I suspect that someone opened a portal a long time ago that has not been fully shut.

And then there is the fact that Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” -came to the area in the late 1970s to research some mysterious deaths that had occurred in the years prior.

Ms. Lee meant to write a true crime novel, not a novel based on the paranormal. And all she found, to quote her, was “A mountain of rumor and tall-tale, to a molehill of fact.”

What she found, no one will ever know.  The book she reportedly began, tentatively named “The Reverend” – was never published.  Was there any truth to the rumors surrounding the mysterious deaths that occurred in the Nixburg/Rockford areas of Coosa County, Alabama?  Again, no one knows for sure.

Whatever the case, I believe that same spirit of evil could still out there in Nixburg today. I have felt it myself. It is out there prowling and ready to do whatever it needs to do to snag its next victim.

Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting (Part One) is based on a true account of the events as they happened to our family and the subsequent paranormal investigation conducted by my co-author, Kim. The next book in our series, Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting (Part Two) will be available soon.  It is comprised of the months of research we composed on the history of the house, the land on which the house was built, the area of Nixburg, and some possible explanations as to what could have caused the paranormal activity in our home.

I hope this story will intrigue you and encourage you to talk with others about your own experiences. There are many people in the Church that turn a blind eye to this kind of occurrence, and ministers and priests who turn away from helping those struggling with it. For those of you that have found this to be true for your situation, do not give up hope. There are good people who can and do help at no cost such as Kim’s paranormal team, Spirit Communications and Research. I wish the Church would stop being so afraid to address the issue of paranormal phenomena and better equip its followers to handle it when it occurs. But until that day comes, I will continue to share my story with the hope it helps another person make sense of the confusion enveloping their lives, or, perhaps, even escape the grips of evil.




Jenny Scott, March 2016

Middle of the Night

It’s 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  The best thing for me to do is have a glass of warm milk and go back to my pillow, but I can’t.

My mind is too overwhelmed, and my heart is too grateful from all of the sweet comments I’ve gotten over the last few days from friends, family and strangers.

The episode of Paranormal Witness (featuring our story) aired a few nights ago, as well as the release of our book, “Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting (Part One).”

From all of the comments I’ve read online on social media, the episode has done very well….and our book is currently #5 in the Ghosts and Hauntings category on Amazon.  This is HUGE for a little self-published eBook!

I am humbled and honored by the reviews and the positive feedback Kim and I have received from the public.  I just wanted to say a little ‘thank you’ to all of the people who have been so kind to us.

And a ‘thank you’ for all the HILARIOUS Twitter comments following #paranormalwitness – If you enjoy watching horror movies with a room full of friends, y’all need to go read them.  Pure genius.  And FUNNY!!


About Yesterday

Kim and I were in Alexander City yesterday doing more research for part two of the book, and boy….it was a wonderful day!  We got to see a piece of Harper Lee history today – in the form of the four LEGENDARY typed pages of a once-planned future novel – “The Reverend” given to Mr. Tom Radney by Ms. Lee many years ago.  I saw hand written notes signed with a simple “Nelle” (only her closest friends had the honor of that signature.) And I saw beautiful hand written notes signed, “Alice” (Harper Lee’s sister).  It was amazing to me, and I’ll never forget seeing those beautiful things as long as I live.

To me, it was like looking at the Mona Lisa….only it was up close and personal – and I felt a connection.  The words on those letters, handwritten in dark ink, looked to me like brush strokes on a masterpiece.

To be a writer from Alabama, looking at letters from THE Writer From Alabama – it was something I’ll never be able to properly put into words.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but those items are priceless. Just to see them with my own two eyes was enough for me….and much more personal and meaningful.


In between shuttling back and forth between the library and various places around town, Kim and I stopped to get some lunch:

A writer’s lunch


Back to reality……


Look, I can wax poetic and be in awe of Harper Lee while the day is long, but research makes me hungry….and nothing beats the deliciousness and simplicity of a double crunch wrap from Taco Bell on a hot Summer day – eaten while sitting in a parking lot, out of fear of being recognized from TV.  Kim is so much more brave than I am…..she actually went inside to get us food.

Anyway, we had a great day today.  I had so much fun researching with Kim!

Y’all just know that we are both hard at work on Part Two of the book…..we hated to leave everyone hanging like that in Part One…..it’s just that we have to get ALL of the historical facts right to make sure the book is completely accurate.

We hope to have Part Two ready as soon as possible.  We think maybe sometime between Halloween and Christmas.  Then, we will re-release the book together (BOTH Part One and Part Two) and have it available in print, as well as online — for those who are asking for printed copies….and signed copies.


Thank you all again for the kind words.  If you’ve read the book (Part One) – would you do Kim and me a HUGE favor and give us a review on Amazon?  Let us know how we did….feedback is so important to us both!

Until insomnia strikes again,


A Quick Note

I know I will be getting a lot of traffic to my little ole blog in the next few weeks, so I feel the need to write a quick post:

Our story was featured on AL.com this morning, and will air on Syfy channel’s Paranormal Witness tomorrow night.

Please know that I have no intention of revealing the exact location of the house in Rockford, out of respect for the owners and the privacy of the people who currently live there.

Also, there are still living relatives of the Rev. Will Maxwell, and they still live in the area.  Please be a good citizen and leave them alone.  They are in no way connected to our personal story, and already have to deal with the past on a regular basis. I do not know them, and have never had the pleasure of meeting them, so I don’t know if they are willing to speak to anyone about things that happened 40 years ago.  I’m sure it was a traumatic time in their lives, and would like to be left alone.  I pray they will not be harassed and I ask that people respect their privacy.

I do plan on posting some of the old blog posts I wrote during the time we lived in the house, but for right now….our book, Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting (Part One) is available through Amazon in digital format.  Part Two will be released in the Fall, and if you are interested in learning more about our story, everything is in the book!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to post again very soon!