Middle of the Night

It’s 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  The best thing for me to do is have a glass of warm milk and go back to my pillow, but I can’t.

My mind is too overwhelmed, and my heart is too grateful from all of the sweet comments I’ve gotten over the last few days from friends, family and strangers.

The episode of Paranormal Witness (featuring our story) aired a few nights ago, as well as the release of our book, “Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting (Part One).”

From all of the comments I’ve read online on social media, the episode has done very well….and our book is currently #5 in the Ghosts and Hauntings category on Amazon.  This is HUGE for a little self-published eBook!

I am humbled and honored by the reviews and the positive feedback Kim and I have received from the public.  I just wanted to say a little ‘thank you’ to all of the people who have been so kind to us.

And a ‘thank you’ for all the HILARIOUS Twitter comments following #paranormalwitness – If you enjoy watching horror movies with a room full of friends, y’all need to go read them.  Pure genius.  And FUNNY!!


About Yesterday

Kim and I were in Alexander City yesterday doing more research for part two of the book, and boy….it was a wonderful day!  We got to see a piece of Harper Lee history today – in the form of the four LEGENDARY typed pages of a once-planned future novel – “The Reverend” given to Mr. Tom Radney by Ms. Lee many years ago.  I saw hand written notes signed with a simple “Nelle” (only her closest friends had the honor of that signature.) And I saw beautiful hand written notes signed, “Alice” (Harper Lee’s sister).  It was amazing to me, and I’ll never forget seeing those beautiful things as long as I live.

To me, it was like looking at the Mona Lisa….only it was up close and personal – and I felt a connection.  The words on those letters, handwritten in dark ink, looked to me like brush strokes on a masterpiece.

To be a writer from Alabama, looking at letters from THE Writer From Alabama – it was something I’ll never be able to properly put into words.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but those items are priceless. Just to see them with my own two eyes was enough for me….and much more personal and meaningful.


In between shuttling back and forth between the library and various places around town, Kim and I stopped to get some lunch:

A writer’s lunch


Back to reality……


Look, I can wax poetic and be in awe of Harper Lee while the day is long, but research makes me hungry….and nothing beats the deliciousness and simplicity of a double crunch wrap from Taco Bell on a hot Summer day – eaten while sitting in a parking lot, out of fear of being recognized from TV.  Kim is so much more brave than I am…..she actually went inside to get us food.

Anyway, we had a great day today.  I had so much fun researching with Kim!

Y’all just know that we are both hard at work on Part Two of the book…..we hated to leave everyone hanging like that in Part One…..it’s just that we have to get ALL of the historical facts right to make sure the book is completely accurate.

We hope to have Part Two ready as soon as possible.  We think maybe sometime between Halloween and Christmas.  Then, we will re-release the book together (BOTH Part One and Part Two) and have it available in print, as well as online — for those who are asking for printed copies….and signed copies.


Thank you all again for the kind words.  If you’ve read the book (Part One) – would you do Kim and me a HUGE favor and give us a review on Amazon?  Let us know how we did….feedback is so important to us both!

Until insomnia strikes again,



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