Original Blog Post – Rockford Haunting 2012


So many people have been asking about the original blog posts from the time I lived in the Rockford house, so I pulled a few of them from the archive to share.  At the time, I was a mommy blogger for my friends at Valley Parent Magazine.  I didn’t post much about what was going on in the house, because I didn’t want people to think I was nuts!  I did post a few, and the ones I did post bordered on the lines of trying to be funny about it….when I didn’t think what was going on was funny at all.  The only thing I’ve omitted from the post (and it is noted) is a description of the house.  I don’t want thrill-seekers or amateur ghost hunters bothering the current tenants or the owners. I will post some of the other blog entries in the next few weeks.

Here it is……

Who Ya Gonna Call…..?

Posted on February 11, 2012

We either need to call Billy the Exterminator or Ghost Hunters because there is something in our house.  So far, that something has not been discovered yet.  I haven’t gotten too worried about it….but it makes for an interesting story, so I thought I’d share.

The sound of footsteps coming from upstairs with no one but myself and a napping baby in residence is not the result of viewing too many horror flicks.

Here’s what happened…..

On a beautiful and sunny mid-week day while the baby was taking her nap, I decided to curl up by the fire and do some knitting.  I didn’t have a t.v. or radio on…..it was wonderfully quiet. I was knitting the same project I’ve been steadily working on for 3 months…my Tunesian Crochet “redundant blanket” – I call it that because by the time I finish the damned thing in August, it won’t be needed or wanted.  It gives me something quiet to do while the baby sleeps, because I’m not a sit still and do nothing kind of person.

Anyway, I’m calmly knitting away when I hear distinct footsteps upstairs right above where I’m sitting in the living room.  Now, directly upstairs from the living room is my stepdaughter’s room and since I know that she isn’t home, and the only other person that’s in the house is a sleeping baby……I’m a bit alarmed.  My first idea is to run to the closet and grab the .45 and blast the anonymous intruder to kingdom come…but I don’t have any bullets. Then, I realize that I would have heard someone shimmy up *detail omitted*  and open *detail omitted* . Using this mode of deductive reasoning, I only halfway expected someone to be up there. In my haste, I grabbed the closest available object…. which happened to be the knitting needle in my hand.  I crept up the stairs…..and made my way down the hall to check on my baby daughter first…..she’s sound asleep with no intruder in sight.  Then, I take a deep breath….throw open the door to my stepdaughter’s room and begin slashing at the air with my knitting needle. 

Nothing is there.

The stomping stopped.

I’m certain that whatever it was, it was absolutely terrified of a crazy white woman with a knitting needle. 

I check each room upstairs to make sure there aren’t any burglars lurking around in toilets or closets….and I go back downstairs and continue my knitting.  I figured it must be the house settling, or maybe a raccoon in the attic.  It’s easy to be a skeptic when you’re in denial.

I totally forgot about the incident eventually….and a couple of nights later (after the baby had gone to sleep) I decided to lay in bed and do some online reading.  I was totally engrossed in my favorite blog, “People I Want to Punch In the Throat” when I heard what can only be described as “scurrying” outside …* this part omitted – detailed description of the outside of the house – Omitted to protect the privacy of the owners and people who currently live in the house*

The scurrying type sound continued, so I eased out of bed slowly because: 1. I didn’t really want to see what could be making that scurrying sound and 2. I have a sore wrist and a possible broken tail bone from falling down the stairs a couple of weekends ago, and I can’t move very fast.

I peeked outside and saw absolutely nothing.

The scurrying stopped.

This same scurrying and stomping has happened three times so far, and every time I check to see what it could possibly be….it stops. 

We do live in an older house….and I know old houses creak and settle, but this is not a creak and settle type noise….so we either need to investigate the attic (not me!) to see what might be living up there….or we need to call a priest.  I blessed the house with olive oil and prayer when we first moved in (standard moving-into-a- new-house procedure) and we have a good preacher friend and his wife coming for dinner soon to bless the house in a more professional kind of way….but until then, I’m a tiny bit concerned that “Casper” or whatever creature it is will take a liking to doing whatever it takes to make me notice it.  I’m not scared of it….I’m just pissed off that the thing makes me have to get up and walk around with a knitting needle while bitching about my broken tail bone.

Until we figure out what it is….just know that I have a .45 and a knitting needle….and I have Jesus….so don’t try and sneak up on me…. or one of the three weapons in my arsenal could kill you, knit you to death or save your soul. 

You’ve been warned.