Trying on a Different Hat

Hello sweet readers,

Kim and I have been talking about Part Two of Haint Blue, and we are still working on how we are going to finish and release it. It has not been abandoned, I promise.

I know a lot of people have been asking about it, and I understand their frustration….they want to know how the story ends!  Trust me, we didn’t want to leave you all with a cliffhanger for so long!  It’s frustrating for Kim and I as well.

However, life happens….and has happened to Kim and I both.  We didn’t go into the Haint Blue books to make a profit, but to tell our story in full detail.  As far as I know, our episode of Paranormal Witness is still airing on SyFy and cable networks on demand, so we are getting new likes and traffic to the website….and that’s great! So anyone who wants to know the details of our story can find them in the book and on our website.

My youngest son was recently diagnosed with a disability, and as a lot of you know…my oldest child is also on the autism spectrum.  With the new diagnosis of my youngest, I’ve had to come up with a life plan that involves working at a job that helps to make ends meet for our family…..something that will help pay for all the extra therapies and things that my youngest needs to help him overcome his diagnosis.  So, I’ve had to give up writing for right now and work on a plan that I hope will help my family with all of these added expenses.  I have already written my portion of Haint Blue, Part Two…so that isn’t an issue at all.  I just won’t have as much time to devote to things other than my new job.

I just wanted to keep all of you in the loop, and thank you so much for all of your support.  If you don’t see many posts from me on here, just know that I’m not gone….just taking a little break:)

Thank you so much for your interest in our story, and how we have overcome so much negativity in our lives!

As soon as I have a definite release date for Part Two, I will post immediately!

Much Love,