Haint Blue, Part Two

I haven’t posted in a while, but for those who don’t already know….Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting, Part Two has been published! I’m thrilled for Kim, and very proud of her for having the courage to tell her side of the story. It’s available on Kindle, and the Amazon website…as well as the book website http://www.haintbluehaunting.com

As for me, I’m glad the story is finally completed. I’m able to step away and close that chapter of my life. Kim is happy to do interviews and events….but I’m turning down the offers. I do appreciate the interest in the book, and our story…but I’m glad to finally be able to put it behind me.

I’m working on a new book, but I’m not going to be continuing in the paranormal non-fiction genre. 😊

To order your copy of Haint Blue, Part Two…follow the link below:


Thanks to everyone for your support!

I’ll write more soon