I’ve Been Gone.


I have missed you, little blog. You were with me through all those tough years of miscarriages, drama with exes, raising children, autism and penniless misery. Wait….I’m still raising children, dealing with drama, autism and penniless misery. Nothing much has changed in that regard.

But I left, and I left you like an unwanted piece of garbage.

I deleted ALL of my posts. Almost seven years worth of fear, worry, anger, joy, sadness and even a laugh or two.

I’m sorry.

I can’t say why I left, but I hope you will forgive me because… I’m back. I’m back to write more mediocre posts than you can shake a stick at.

How have I been? Oh, you know… Obsessing over various things, only to grow bored and forget them as easily as I began obsessing over them. I’ve moved a few more times, because I have gypsy feet and a thin wallet….and that constant, insatiable yearning for something to DO. I want to do something great, something profound. Something I can be remembered for….other than wiping drippy noses, changing diapers and hand-washing the endless pile of dirty dishes. And occasionally scaring people.

I’ve started other blogs. I had a time capsule blog, a “sally homemaker how-to” blog, and I currently have a blog for my podcast show….but none of those have been able to fill my heart with joy and the anticipation of writing….spilling my brain…complaining….and getting it all “out there” like you – like THIS Southern Blog has.

That, and I finally remembered my damn password.

If you, dear reader, still subscribe by email….bless you. I am back. I hope I can reach you and entertain you like I used to a few years ago. I can’t promise great writing….because I am not a great writer. But, I can promise honesty.

Let’s try This Southern Blog again. Only this time, let’s make it better than it ever was before.